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Thats right! I' giving it a whirl... This will mark the first MTB race I've done since the early days of racing before Avery came of age. I have never done a race this long and am training  with the hopes of seeing the finish line. I think it will be a great accomplishment not only for myself, but for Avery. She needs to see me do this so she can see I'm as dedicated to my health & commitment to see things through once a goal has been set. So far the training has been an eye opener. I didn't realize how out of shape I have become. 

Avery & I are doing this one again. This year I will have some proper training and Avery will be ready as well. Ive got a new bike and the race should be much more manageable for me. As Avery needs a chaperone I will also be her coach and we will be together at last! She looks forward to train and race with me and life has made it very hard for us to be the team we have always been. Can't wait!!

This race could go a few different ways this year. Avery wont need a chaperone as she has the experience to make her way through the trail on her own and is plenty motivated to stand on the podium. Meilee, my youngest wont have a lot of time on her bike, but I might be able to go out with her and let her face the challenges this race offers all racers. I think it will do her confidence well. I have no intention of letting her over due it, so I will approach her as if we are just trying to make it to the half way point this first year of racing it. Then she gains some experience, and leave the event feeling much stronger about herself. -or- I will be racing it myself this year! How ever it plays out, this race will be a great time for all of us.

I finally paid off the new steed! It's all stock for now, but it's mine... I can't wait to hit the trails up her in the Upper Peninsula. 

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